Unclo Ho

Unclo Ho Is present in the whole of Vietnam. He is a big hero in this country. Today I went to see his house and mausoleum. I also went to see the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum but turned around halfway, the traffice was too heavy. Its impressive to see what they made of this hero worshipping. Im not impressed and I don’t like it. Unclo Ho did not want to be worshipped, he wanted a small funeral and a simple burial place. Now he’s locked up in this big ugly thing.

Uncle Ho’s House on Stilts


I rented a motorbike and finally I had time to experience the real Vietnamese life on the road. I already felt half Vietnamese with a scooter on the pavement out in front of the Hotel. There are no car owners except for some rich people, taxi’s and government officals. Everybody has a scooter which costs between $ 700 and $ 1700 which is a lot of money. My travel dreams have been about motorcylces all the time. My first dream of a motortrip was inspired by Che Guevara and his book the motorcycle diaries. Some years this book was made into a very good movie. My dream is to drive this route in South America.


Another dream is to travel with a Toyota Landcruiser from Holland to South Africa. I would also like to buy an Enfield motorcycle in the south of India and drive all the way up to the Hymalayas. The last plan is to travel on a scooter from Aceh in the west of Indonesia on the island of Sumatra to the east end of Indonesia. Lets see what comes of this.